Staying Connected to Home with Video Monitoring

Returning to work after the arrival of a new baby is nerve-wracking—even if your mom is looking after things at home.’s Nicole Brown and husband Brad conquered their nerves with smarter home security, using video monitoring and real-time alerts to stay in touch with baby Bailey and Grandma from […]

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Smarter Home Security Starts at the Front Door

With so much activity around your front door, it requires smarter home security technology to keep it secure but also convenient to access. This spring, gives you even more awareness and control of front door activity with the Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera, Skybell HD Edition.

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Four Common Myths About The Smart Home

 Smart home technology will become mainstream this year. It’s no longer futuristic (sorry, Jetsons): it’s here, it works, and it’s very, very popular. And yet, certain myths about this technology persist. Here are four that you’ve probably encountered. They’re no longer true. Don’t let them hold you back. Myth: Smart […]

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Three Smart Ways to Defend Your Home from Burst Pipes

As this year’s winter freeze hits, many thousands of unlucky homeowners will suffer the costly effects of burst water pipes. Burst pipes can happen year-round but they’re a particular problem in winter. It happens when the water in a pipes freezes and expands, causing the pipe to crack, split, and—when […]

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Why a Dedicated Cellular Connection Matters

“The system worked the time I needed it to work.” It’s a testimonial of which we’re proud. For your security system to reliably protect you in an emergency—a fire, a break-in, extreme weather—it’s essential that you choose one with the most reliable technology for communicating with the outside world. The […]

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A Back-to-School Checklist for Smart Home Parents

Back-to-school time comes with big changes to schedules and new concerns for parents.  With smart home security from, your child coming home safely is less likely to be one of them. If you’re a working parent with older kids, you’re not going to be there every night when the […]

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