Parents: This School Year, Worry Less

A new school year is the start of a new journey for kids and parents alike. You’ll help your children engage with new responsibilities, reach new milestones and overcome new worries. You’ll also encounter some worries of your own.

That’s especially true when children reach home-alone age and begin arriving home  while you’re still at work. While your kids will quickly adapt, your concerns for their safety and wellbeing won’t be going anywhere.

However, new technology can help. With smartphone alerts, connected video cameras  and remote-controlled door security, an security system can quickly become an essential tool for managing your weekday worries.

Worry 1: Are my kids safely home?

Your biggest after-school concern is to know that your kids are home. It’s a worry that comes in many flavors: How long do you wait to text or call if they forget to check in? What if they lose their keys? If they’re home, are they alone – or did their friends invite themselves over? 

We’ve got this one covered. Take a look.

Worry 2: Are my kids behaving responsibly at home?   

Letting your kids manage their own after-school time helps to build their sense of responsibility. However, you need a way to know that they’re doing the right thing.’s indoor video technology can help.

Worry Less School Alerts Homework TW.png

For example, our own research indicates that parents expect kids to take responsibility for their own homework at around the age of 12.) Our indoor cameras give you a discreet way to quickly confirm that things are getting done. You can even help them out with a tricky math equation via two-way voice conversation.

Worry 3: Is the house secure during the daytime? 

Weekday mornings are busy and kids are forgetful. If they’re the last to leave the house, you may be concerned about potential security lapses. After all, there’s nothing like coming home to discover that your garage has remained invitingly open all day. alerts let you take a “trust but verify” approach, with the ability to lock up remotely if your kids forget. 

Worry Less School Alerts Lock TW.png

PS: If it’s you who’s the forgetful one, check out our Geo-Services reminders and what they can do for you.

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