Video Alerts
Receive alerts and video clips of important events on your smartphone or computer and see live video from your home or office.  Perfect for homes and small businesses who don’t need full-time recording.
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Business-Class Surveillance
Includes all Video Alert features plus 24/7 on-site recording and vandal-resistant cameras. Designed for secure business networks, our system doesn’t require any changes to your router or firewall.
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See What You Care About Instantly

See what’s happening at your property in real time, get instant alerts with smart clip capture and never miss a moment with continuous recording. Now it’s easy to check up on the kids, your pets and valuables, and see what’s actually happening in the event of an alarm.

Video Alerts

Smarter than traditional stand-alone surveillance, Superior’s video monitoring is connected with your security system, allowing you to set recording triggers when activity is detected. You can choose to receive video alerts by text or email, and customize them by time, day, camera, and motion detection.

Smarter Notifications

Video analytics is a highly intelligent security feature that monitors your property’s video streams to distinguish important events from routine activity. It uses this real-time insight to filter and categorize your video alerts, giving your video monitoring a new level of control, customization and value.

Part of Your Smart Security System

With video monitoring from Superior, your cameras become part of your smart security system.  If an intruder enters a protected area, the alert from your cameras can activate your smart lights.

Smart Clip Capture

Video monitoring makes it easier to stay on top of what’s happened at your property. Your video cameras work around the clock, hand-in-hand with your security system.


In the event of an alarm, automatically capture pre-alarm and post-alarm video footage for a more complete view. You can also use the security sensors throughout your home to intelligently capture activities that matter, such as when a door opens, when there is motion, if a window opens.


You can even tell the system not to record if you are home, for privacy. Using’s Geo-Services, you can set recording to always capture footage when you’re away but not when you’re home. This is configurable by camera, so you can have the exterior cameras record whether you’re home or not, but limit the recording of the living room camera to when you are away.

Clip Library

It’s easy to catch up on what you missed. With a searchable library of recorded video clips, you’ll be able to go back and see exactly what occurred and when. Since video recordings are triggered by events, you can even search by activity type to locate the exact clip you want to watch.

Vandal Resistant and Weatherproof Cameras

We offer weatherproof as well as vandal resistant cameras, so you can protect any part of your business without fear of damage

See Your Business from Anywhere

With Business-Class Surveillance from Superior, you can check in on your business from virtually anywhere in the world with your computer or smart phone.

Continuous On-Site Recording

Capture 24/7 high definition recordings with our Stream Video Recorder.  The SVR includes an HDMI output, so you can view a live feed from your cameras on a local monitor.

Off-Site Video Storage

Create clip upload rules, so your most important video will be stored in our secure cloud, safe from fire, theft, and tampering.

Designed for Business Networks

There’s no need to re-configure your network.  Our cameras and recorders create a secure connection to view video on your smartphone or computer without putting your network at risk by opening ports on your firewall.

Security Updates Applied Automatically

No IT department?  No problem.  Business-Class Surveillance includes automatic security updates for your cameras and recorders.  When a new internet security problem makes the news, be confident your system will be automatically protected.