How Superior Helps You Get Better, Tougher, and Smarter Business Security

As a business owner, work worries come with the territory.

They also love to follow you home when you leave. Did you get enough done today? Can your manager handle the delivery tomorrow? Did you secure the business and turn the alarm on?

Security is a big one. In 2017, burglars targeted U.S. businesses more than 400,000 times. Unlike residential break-ins, commercial burglaries tend to happen more at night. Maybe you should go back and double-check the alarm?

Or maybe it’s time to take care of security worries once and for all. With a smart business security system, powered by for Business technology, it’s easy.

Smart business security is a worry-busting package of tough, reliable hardware, intelligent security features and a smartphone app that controls everything. It’s engineered to keep your business protected and your peace of mind intact, no matter where you are.

Here are five ways Superior’s systems powered by out-secures a traditional security system every time.

1: You’re always protected—even if you forget.  

Business Security System Alarm.jpg

Old security systems have a habit of leaving you unprotected. Forget to turn them on and they can’t even sound the alarm for a break-in.

Smart business security is different.  Just specify a closing time, and alarm takes care of the rest. You can have our auto-arming feature turn the alarm on for you every day, without fail. You can have your system arm itself automatically after a period of no activity. You can also use our app to arm and disarm your system from anywhere.

Even when your alarm is turned off, however, Superior’s technology remains on. Smart business security works around the clock to protect you, monitoring activity, alerting you to important events, and going the extra mile to keep everyone and everything safe.

2: Our business security technology is built tougher.

Business Security System Tough.jpg

As well as being smart, an business security system from Superior is tough. Our dedicated cellular connection, which delivers the emergency signal to your monitoring station, can’t be cut like a phone line or broadband cable. If the power goes out, your panel’s battery backup keeps you connected.

Then, there’s our patented Crash and Smash technology, engineered to defeat an intruder who attacks your security panel to stop it signaling for help.

Your system activates the feature in response to the initial “crash” of the break-in. If your security panel then goes offline—due to the “smash” of a hammer—’s cloud platform takes over, alerting Superior’s monitoring station on the broken security panel’s behalf. The intruder will be none the wiser… until the police arrive.

3: Smart access control means fewer weak spots.

Business Security System Access Control.jpg

If you’re still using keys for security, your business needs an urgent upgrade. Keys are easy to lose, misuse, copy or steal. The more you have in circulation, the weaker your security.

Superior replaces keys with smart access control: a secure solution of smart locks, card readers and user codes that puts you in control of who goes where, when.

You can quickly set up or delete access for employees, get access-triggered alerts when certain doors are opened, and quickly find video clips of access events. You can also lock and unlock any door remotely, and even have your business lock itself automatically at closing time.

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4: Smart video monitoring helps you manage emergencies

Business Security System Video.jpg

With Superior’s smart security cameras in your system, a nighttime alarm doesn’t necessarily mean an immediate dash to work. Instead, you can open a live video feed to see what’s going on. If it’s a false alarm, you can let your monitoring station know. If the emergency is real, it can be verified faster, and police alerted sooner.

Smart video monitoring also adds huge value in the aftermath of a break-in or fire. It gives you securely-stored footage of the event to share with police and your insurer. Your video clips—easily accessed and shared via your app—could be the key to identifying and catching the culprit, as well as helping your insurance claim proceed.

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5: With our app on your phone, security is at your fingertips

With its own smart business security app, makes it easy to solve security worries and other challenges. Here’s what for Business user Jill says about it:

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