Smart Home Security Should Be Your First Home Improvement

Buying your first home this year?

Already have some home improvement ideas competing for your budget?

We’d like to add one to the top of the list: a smart home security system.

It’s an instant upgrade for your entire home. It protects you from crime and other dangers, and your property from common causes of damage. It also equips your house with smart home technology that saves you money and time while protecting your big investment from day one.

And what’s more, it won’t make a big dent in your budget. Here’s what you get.

Instant home security

It takes Superior just a few hours to outfit your new home with smart home security. It secures your home and you can get image sensors, a video camera, smart locks and more, all controlled through’s smartphone app. Think of the app as a command center for your home, in your pocket, wherever you go.

Your smart home security system can do amazing things. It fights crime and danger proactively. It lets you see what’s happening at home. It can save your new basement from a flood, or your dog from a house fire – that’s no exaggeration.

Instant savings

You might not know what your energy bills look like today, but an Smart Thermostat, installed with your system, will help lower them immediately, while also making things more comfortable with room-by-room temperature sensing.

Your security sensors tell it when you’re there and when you’re not, and it uses that information to eliminate energy waste when you don’t need heating and cooling. There are plenty of other ways to save energy in a smart home too.

Meanwhile, your monitored security system qualifies you for discounts on many homeowners’ insurance policies – another reason to ‘go smart’ from the start.

Instant smart home

The smart home trend is getting more exciting and more popular. Nearly half of Americans will own some form of smart home technology by the end of this year.

Many of those people will have a frustrating, costly experience. That’s because it’s really hard to build a smart home on your own. Even experts can struggle to make different devices and platforms work together.

With, everything works together. A single app controls every smart device; a single software platform connects and coordinates them. It’s easy to use and it does far more for you than a piecemealed solution.

Low upfront cost; big return on investment

The other big benefit of is that you don’t need to pay for the whole system upfront. It’s more like a cellphone contract with a setup fee, followed by a monthly payment for three years. Professional monitoring and dedicated customer support are always included.

Will your new technology go out of date? Not with, which delivers the latest features to you through its cloud platform, constantly updating your home with new capabilities. When you need a new device later – a smart video camera for your future nursery? – it’s easy to add one.

As a last word, smart home technology adds long-lasting value to your home. The Consumer Technology Association and National Association of Home Builders say that it can add as much as 5% to the eventual resale price. Of course, re-selling is the last thing on your mind right now, but it’s worth bearing in mind if it ever comes down to versus a new couch.

Congratulations on your new home! We hope to connect with you soon – just click here to get started.

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