Don’t Let DIY Surveillance Cameras Create a Window into Your Home

One of the benefits of having your surveillance camera system installed by a professional security company is that our solutions are designed for security from the ground up.  All cameras are not created equal, however.

You may have heard news lately about several major brands of DIY surveillance cameras with glaring security holes.  These DIY packages are designed to be easy to use, but all too often security is only an afterthought, if there’s any security at all.

A user posted this story on Reddit about her surprise when she got an alert email with a link to the footage of someone else’s home.

A few months back I purchased a Netgear Arlo home security camera set. I set up an online account, connected the cameras, tried them out for a few days and ultimately changed my mind. They were returned to the store and I never gave it another thought…until today. I got a random email alerting me that the camera had detected motion…but I don’t have any cameras. So I logged into my online account and I can see the new owner, their house, and everything they’re doing. Netgear obviously doesn’t have a system in place to prevent cameras on multiple accounts. If I’m not mistaken, anyone could get the serial number off your cameras and link them to their online account, to watch and record your every move without your permission. A creeper dream. Does anyone else see this as a serious security flaw on Netgear’s behalf?

I’m even happier that I returned them now.

One only has to see this list of publicly available cameras to be thoroughly creeped out.

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