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Have you considered a smart thermostat for your home this summer?

Smart thermostats are all the rage. They’re connected to the internet, and you can control them with a smartphone app. Some of them can ‘learn’ your behavior in order to anticipate the temperature you might need at any given time.

Pretty smart, right? However, there’s an even smarter type of thermostat available: the Smart Thermostat. It actually knows what you’re doing and what you need, with no learning curve necessary.  It even knows what the temperature is in different rooms of your house.

The reason it’s so smart is because it shares a ‘brain’ with the most insightful piece of technology a home can have: a smart home security system. It knows when you’re home; when you’re on your way home; what room you’re in. It even knows when you leave a door open.

Would your home benefit from smarter energy savings, security and comfort? You can get them all in a single package. Contact us now to find out more.