Security, Safety and Savings: Now That’s Smart

When you think of home security, saving energy isn’t the first benefit that springs to mind.

After all, this technology is for detecting intruders… right?

Security sensors around the home detect activity to identify an intrusion. Contact sensors detect if a door is opened. Your security panel knows whether you’re home or not, ensuring your system is armed when it needs it to be.

However, with an Smart Thermostat integrated into your security system, the same information can be applied to save energy in a very smart way. Let’s take a look.

Security sensors make your thermostat smarter

As well as suspicious activity, your security sensors also register your own activity – for example, when doors typically open and close and where there is activity around the house..

With all this information our Smart Thermostat knows more about what’s happening in your home – unlike standalone devices with ‘one-room vision’.

It can learn your activity patterns and update them to offer savings schedules that truly fit around your lifestyle.

Contact sensors protect your wallet against waste

Cool air escapes through open doors and windows fast. It’s a leading cause of energy waste, and your security sensors can help eliminate it.

With an Smart Thermostat integrated into the security system, your door/window sensors can trigger the thermostat to set back when a door is opened, and then restart when you close the door.

You won’t notice at the time, but you may notice a lower energy bill.

Your system tells your thermostat you’re home (or on your way)

Your security system’s status also feeds directly into our Smart Thermostat. When you arm your panel to ‘away’, it knows your home’s empty, and sets back to save money. When you arrive home, it knows to make things comfortable again.

In fact, it even knows when you’re on your way home, thanks to our Geo-Services feature. Using your smartphone location as a signal, knows when you’re close to home and can trigger your thermostat to get the temperature just right for when you arrive.

This feature can also override your schedule, enabling your thermostat to adapt immediately when your routine changes, and then adjust back when it knows you’re back on schedule.

Security adds unique safety features to your thermostat

Full integration with your security system also enables our Smart Thermostat to take action against environmental threats like smoke and carbon monoxide.

In the event of your connected smoke / Co2 sensor detecting either hazard, the thermostat instantly shuts your HVAC down, minimizing the chance of toxic gas or damaging smoke circulating through your home.

One complete package gives you instant security, safety, savings

Here’s another benefit of our approach: security and energy management in a single, convenient package, professionally installed, supported, and monitored for security by a central station. No standalone device, or combination of devices, can give you this much peace of mind and ease of use.

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