Superior Adds Text Message and Email Notifications

Superior understands the ways you communicate are changing.  To keep up, we’re adding another way to contact you about your alarm system.  Most of us can now receive a text message or email no matter where we are.  For many of us, it’s the fastest, most convenient way to get […]

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“Did I Remember to Shut the Garage Door?”

Many home burglaries are committed because garage doors were left up, and the homeowner leaves the door from the garage into the home unlocked. Superior urges you to treat the door into your garage just as you would treat your front door: keep it locked. For customers who want extra […]

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Interested in Video Monitoring from Superior?

We want your help in deciding which new services to offer!  Superior already provides the CCTV Camera Systems you’ve seen at retail stores and schools, but we want to know if you want a Video Monitoring solution tailored for you home. How would you like to keep an eye on […]

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