Business Security Demo

Interactive Security

Your security system can do more than just notify the authorities in case of emergency.  Get notified if your system isn’t armed at closing time, and remotely arm it from our smartphone app.

Easily Add or Remove Employees

Add or remove an employee code from our smartphone app or website. Limit what times a user is allowed to access the system or set an expiration date for a temporary employee’s code.

Commercial Surveillance

See what’s going on at your business from anywhere.  Track which areas get the most traffic or catch problems before they start with person and vehicle detection.

Energy Management for Business

Reduce energy waste and enhance liability control. Remotely control temperature settings and lighting schedules keep your business safe and well lit.

Smarter Business Reports

Track activity patterns for your business to know your busiest hours and maximize staffing efficiency. See whether the business is regularly opening and closing on time.